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Ex-BBC presenter’s actual observations (as opposed to BBC policy) over the weekend in Scotland.

(Westminster: seat of UK Govt in London; basically an English, London-centric cabal of corruption and cronyism with no interest in the people or welfare of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland - the other parts of the alleged ‘Union’ - or indeed, especially, any part of England that isn’t the South-East.)

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Scottish independence YES voters protesting today outside BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow concerning the APPALLINGLY biased reportage of the Referendum.  Solidly ignoring the YES campaign & response from the public whilst hyping and eventually actively promoting the anti-independence NO campaign driven by the Westminster elite (London), with actual lies, the closer the date of the vote became.

Crucially a massive majority of those living in Scotland (eligible to vote) have actually registered to do so, far beyond the norm.  And this has terrified the moneyed vested interests who control all Scotland’s assets but do not live there.

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Corrupt media giant being corrupt (no change there then)

Funny how the BBC, anywhere on their news site or news reportage, do not mention that their new head Rona Fairhead is being sued for her “involvement” in HSBC money-laundering.  But then they’ve chosen not to report a lot of significant things whilst doing solid wall-to-wall PR for the elite and the establishment.

Funny that.

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