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Holiday Inn (Mark Sandrich, 1942)

White Christmas (Michael Curtiz, 1954)

Holiday Inn, properly Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, is the home of the song White Christmas, which itself eventually spawned the thematic remake twelve years later.  The former is a gentle period feel-good comedy with some wonderful sets.  The latter is far more of a spectacle.  Not least because of the lavish treatment Paramount afforded it in terms of production values at the time.  The Columbia Inn standing in for the Holiday Inn, and indeed incorporating elements of the original’s set.

In the days of VHS I recorded high-quality broadcasts of these two back to back on a four hour cassette.  I was in the habit of compiling apposite double-bills and would often leave half a tape blank waiting for something specific to screen so I could complete something.  As with many things in life I found I was spending more time enabling something than DOING it.  In this case taping things endlessly and never watching them.  When a semi-enforced house move meant throwing away fifteen hundred videotapes I found I was more frustrated than disappointed and this lack of regret contributed to my dumping TV two years later.

It can be said I do miss things like this though, from those VHS/TV days.  Charming conjunctions.  Things that can only fit in certain circumstances and in doing, have a profound effect.

This year I made a point of hunting them down online and watching them same day.  Wonderful.  I did try renting them from the mail-order DVD rental provider this household uses but, as with last year when I tried this, they failed to supply them, moving on to other options without ever providing a reason or explanation, whilst listing both as available.  Lovefilm: 0 - Internet: 1.

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