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Tingle In The Netherlands
A Forest of Cocks

When they opened up his heart it was full of urine.

Tingle In The Netherlands - A Forest Of Cocks (2013)

Astounding, storming piece of dada electropop/absurdist-disco from Manchester happy-bandcampers Tingle In The Netherlands.  See, all those eighties bands had… offspring.  Off the 2013 album  Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?

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Echo And The Bunnymen
Do It Clean (Live Royal Albert Hall London, July 18th 1983)

I’ve got a handful of this…

Echo And The Bunnymen - Do It Clean (Royal Albert Hall 18th July 1983)

After playing for forty minutes, ending with an immense, protracted Over The Wall, the band wandered briefly off-stage only to return with a blistering two-number encore, lasting the better part of another fifteen minutes.  Preceded by Crocodiles, this was the last track.  It turned up many years later on digital but first it made an appearance on the b side of the 12” of The Killing Moon, which is where this is taken from.  DeFreitas had been going apeshit all the way through but for the encore Will Sergeant also got decidedly frisky and the result is that this is a stone groove.

You can see it here from 47:20.

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Echo & the Bunnymen
Ashes To Ashes (Stars Are Stars)

Echo And The Bunnymen - Ashes To Ashes (1979)

An oddity, of sorts.  This is the version of Stars Are Stars from the first Peel session in August 1979 (recorded 15th, transmitted 22nd).  But taken from the cassette free-inclusion with the shrinkwrapped 1983 7” of The Cutter, with the alternative (original) titles.  Slightly NR’d for hissy tape.

Courtney Love's other dead-ex Pete DeFreitas does not play on this session, he hadn’t joined at the time.  This is basically the line up that gave them their name; "Echo" being the drum machine.  Here programmed by David Balfe who also provided keyboards for the session, pre-Teardrop Explodes.

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Rose Of Avalanche
LA Rain

The Rose Of Avalanche - L.A. Rain 12” (LiL, 1985)

Whilst they were contemporary of the many Goth bands that infested Leeds in the eighties, and indeed, drew the same fans at gigs and drank in the same pubs, Rose Of Avalanche were not a goth band.  Their influences from the sixties and seventies may well have drawn on the same core as the other local bands but they tended to lean more towards Psychedelic Rock, especially that of the Californian persuasion.

Their own music was definitely more tinged with the first half of the seventies, albeit slowed right down, almost spoken rather than sung, but appealed strongly to the indie/post-punk crowd as much as old school rock fans.  A shame that their label mismanagement and the surrounding farrago screwed everything up for them.  They put out something like seven albums none the less, but with a musical chairs personnel pattern.  Could have been something else entirely, something that reflected this fabulous start.

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New Order
Hour (Live Hoboken NJ)

New Order - Hour (Live, Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ, 20th September 1980)

A short early track, never committed to studio vinyl or otherwise, as with the previously posted Homage.  Not a bad recording at all if you excuse the fact that the vocal is almost inaudible.  This was the period, not long after Ian Curtis’s death, that the three remaining members were experimenting, taking turns on vocals and this is Peter Hook.  From Grieving In The Shadows.

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Michael Nyman
Enemy Zero

Michael Nyman - Enemy Zero (1997)

Gets around does old Mick.  Kenji Eno was apparently a fan of the Greenaway soundtracks.  So when he had to chance to pick someone to do the music for the Enemy Zero Sega Saturn game he approached Michael Nyman. This, the titular track from the rather rare soundtrack CD.

I’m no gamehead but realise that 1996 is basically the Cretaceous amongst contemporary console-bimbos.  Nevertheless at the time, Enemy Zero had the class to be very outside the box with it’s soundtrack.  This influence has helped in the development of such things where now some very adept and tricksy composers work exclusively in the gamesphere.  Also E0 had a little notch on the exclusivity stakes when the special edition game console related to the release was limited to twenty copies and delivered by hand by Eno himself.

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Marquee Moon (Eno Demo)

Television - Marquee Moon (Brian Eno demo, 1974)

This is the ur-Marquee Moon.  There are those, who don’t know better (yet) who think of Television simply as post-punk, because most of their crucial records date from that precious refining period of 1977/78.  But most of their songs were written, and being performed, three years earlier.

December 1974, Richard Williams, an Island A&R  - having seen Television two months beforehand at a long-gone club in NY, fronted by a lacklustre Blondie; the Ramones having bailed - booked the foursome of Verlaine, Hell, Lloyd & Ficca into Good Vibrations at 1440 Broadway, NYC.  A studio in a glum 25 story towerblock.  He’d coralled an eager Brian Eno into flying the desk for the session but the result was disappointing for Verlaine.  He wasn’t impressed.  There was no animosity between him and Eno, they just didn’t gel.  And that is important with something so formative.

The result was that when Williams played the result back in London and tried to physically project his enthusiasm onto the label, they too were unimpressed.  Ultimately of course, as history has observed, their loss.

This is from the unofficial LP Double Exposure, named for the only one of the five songs from the Good Vibrations session that didn’t make it onto their debut album three years later.  The session has been bootlegged to death over the years but usually with completely erroneous source data attached.  Eno does not sing or play on here anywhere.  Any piano you hear is Verlaine.

Within weeks Hell had gone his own way taking the Television live songs that he wrote  - in particular -  Love Comes In Spurts and Blank Generation, with him.

So.  A different Marquee Moon.  A much earlier one.  But recognisable none the less.  I’m very fond of the later official track, but Chris Blackwell and the rest of the Island label circa 74 can bathe in their mistake; I like this.

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Côr Meibion y Brythoniaid - Blue Monday (2014)

The Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir recorded New Order’s 1983 unfeasibly populist ditty to publicise the FESTIVAL No. 6, named for McGoohan's rebel.  Held at Clough Williams-Ellis’s model-village and site of The Prisoner TV show, Portmeirion, it was headlined by the crusty old Mancers, just shy of thirty years after the advent of said constructivist pop-smithery, September 14th - 16th, 2012.

Not the first choral cover, but this is no straight adaption.  The arrangement and emphasis are really quite something and whomsoever is responsible deserves severe kudos.


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Song From Under The Floorboards

May 24th 1988, The Fillmore, San Francisco.  Luxuria are promoting their debut album.  It’s nothing new for the lead singer.  In fact Howard Devoto's just started singing one of his old numbers, by his once and future outfit Magazine.  As he sings the opening lines to a cover of A Song From Under The Floorboards

- “I am angry, I am ill and I’m as ugly as sin” -

a smartarse in the audience remarks to his friends, “He’s not wrong you know.”

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